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Download our new Free Book! It shares the eight parts of yoga, the seven centers of the body called the chakras and forty two yoga postures to help you discover your authentic divine self.
Illumination: Healing the Authentic Self through Yoga
Illumination: Healing the Authentic Self through Yoga
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A complementary guide to Equipose

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      Discover the joy of Engaging
            in Health and Fitness
         with your Equine Partner. 

Yoga and your horse is a gratifying experience.  An Equipose session can be practiced with your equine partner or on a simulated horse.  The program is designed to empower you with a way to implement Equipose. 

Benefits of Equipose:

  • Reveals your total authentic self
  • Supports your ground work and riding skills
  • Releases stress, tension and tight muscles
  • Improves your range of flexibility
  • Builds core strength for better balance
  • Facilitates your breath to feel centered
  • Helps you focus on yourself awareness and your horse

Equipose is a comprehensive guide that discusses the energy centers of the human and horse, holistic equine care, desensitizing through approach and retreat, ground work techniques, equine stretching and natural riding methods.  Discover how Equipose can bring balance to the mind, body and spirit.  

Order your copy of
Equipose - A Union of Natural Horsemanship and Yoga
by Theresa Norris and Priscilla Howard.

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Contact us for an Equipose Clinic at your farm, home or business. 

You can design a session from the following options:
  1. Traditional Yoga 30-60 mins. of gentle stretches at any  recreational or business environment. Materials needed yoga mat (blocks and straps optional)
  2. Simulated Horse Yoga 30-60 mins. of equipose stretches in a seated position imitating being seated on a horse.  This style of yoga focuses on positions that reflect riding movements.  Provides equestrians with centeredness, flexibility, and core development. Anyone benefits from this diverse style of yoga.  Materials need yoga mat (chairs, hay bales, or stimulated horses)
  3. Equipose with your Equine Partner 30-60 mins.of equipose stretches mounted on your horse.  A stress free way to spend time with your horse. Your horse will love the undemanding attention while you connect deeper with yourself.  The ultimate equine experience! Materials needed tact of your choice, halter and lead line, helmet, boots and of course your horse.
Select the yoga styles that meet your needs.  Groups of 6 or more receive a 20% discount for the session.   Prices are based on the program selections, your location, and number of participants.

Reserve your Equipose Clinic today!
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